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Group outings worth getting a bus for

Group outings bus hireGroup outings worth getting a bus for

Whether it’s for a buck’s weekend, an outing with the extended family or a group of friends wanting to explore new places all together – there are loads of great outings worth renting a bus for.

Here are a few times where hiring a bus from Andy’s Auto Rentals is ideal:

1. Buck’s & Hen’s weekend shenanigans

Buck’s & Hen’s nights seem to extend to a whole weekend now, packed with activities like Karaoke, night out on the town, shopping, breakfast with the girls, exciting dinner party, skirmish, go-karting, a few rounds of golf – you name it.

And while it’s all well and good trying to get the lads or ladies together for each activity, finding a handful of them who won’t drink for the weekend is a bit unrealistic.

So “hail to the bus driver man or woman” who nominates themselves to drive the group around in a hire bus!

2. Family outings

Next on the agenda after the Buck’s or Hen’s is the wedding. Getting families from the ceremony to the reception is always a lot easier with more seats and less vehicles.

Other than weddings, it could simply be when the extended family is in town for a visit or a full-blown family reunion and you all want to go places around the Gold Coast or Brisbane together as a group.

3. A day out at the races

If you’re planning a day at the Gold Coast Turf Club or Doomben Racecourse with all your friends, figuring out your mode of transport can often be quite a challenge.

So why not hire a bus and spend less time worrying about how many Ubers you need, or what the maxi taxi will cost – and more time getting ready to arrive in style and make a day of it.

Group Outings Bus Hire

Again – be extra nice to your designated driver!

If your group isn’t too big, you could be set with an 8-seater van, or if you need a few more seats you can even hire a 12-seater people mover and drive it with your car licence.

Or there are a few different types of 25-seater buses available at Andy’s if someone in your group has an LR licence.

View our range of buses and people movers here and get a quote today!

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