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Hiring a rental moving truck: What are my options?

Rental moving truck options

The right moving truck for you will depend on a number of personal factors and preferences. Depending on the job at hand–be it moving house or transporting refrigerated goods from one place to the next–as well as the particulars of your situation, think age and vehicle licence type, you may be best suited to one type of truck or another.

Andy’s Auto Rentals’ fleet of trucks for hire includes various options suitable for a wide variety of purposes. So, which option is the right one for you? Have a read below to find out.

Refrigerated rental trucks

Our Hino 3-tonne Pantec truck comes with refrigeration functionality. If you need to transport cold or frozen items that just won’t fit in a large Esky, or two or three, on the back of a ute, a refrigerated truck from Andy’s is the way to go. Our trucks offer plenty of space and high function, reliable refrigeration to keep your goods at the temperature you want them. A big plus of the Hino Pantec truck is that all you need is a regular car licence to legally be able to drive it.

Tautliner rental trucks

Whether it’s large items or pallets of products you’re looking to courier, the 14-pallet tautliner is an excellent option. There are numerous features to this nifty truck including air conditioning, three seats for multiple passengers and a full tail gate lifter. Our Fuso Curtainside Truck is fully maintained by our technicians onsite at our depot and ready to help you get what you need to the destination you need it to be at.

Pallet lifter rental trucks

The Fuso 12-pallet Curtainside Truck comes in both regular models and lifter models, and fortunately we stock both amongst our comprehensive truck fleet. There’s more than enough tray length and carrying capacity for most jobs. Additionally, the curtain sides of the trucks can be completely retracted. What does this mean for you? Not only will the vehicle make transporting your goods easier and hassle-free, but loading and unloading is just as easy as well. This truck will require a Medium Rigid licence to drive.

Flatbed rental trucks

The flatbed rental trucks in our fleet are designed for hauling all sorts of things, shipping containers, machinery and more. There are different sized flatbeds, with either 3 or 8-tonne carrying capacity, so we always recommend giving our team a call when booking your truck to make sure that the vehicle can fit and cope with whatever you’re planning on putting on it.

Large Pantec rental trucks

If you’re moving house, relocating offices or need your goods to be completely protected from the weather, our range of large Pantec trucks will do the trick. Choose from either a 6 or 9-tonne model and enjoy easier loading and unloading with a completely hydraulic tail gate lifter. You can fit more in with more ease in these spacious, reliable vehicles. Make sure you have a Medium Rigid licence however if you’re booking out a Pantec rental truck.

Auto Pantec rental trucks

Our Isuzu Pantec trucks offer 3-tonne carrying capacity and can be hired with either automatic or manual transmissions to suit any driver. Additionally, due to its size and model classification, all you need is a regular car licence to drive this beauty around.

Check out our trucks’ specifications

If you’d like more specific information about our various trucks and their features, sizes and specifications, make sure to head to our truck fleet webpage or give us a call and we’ll help match you to the right vehicle.

Andy’s Auto Rentals – your ideal truck hire partner

When it comes to your rental moving truck options, the make, model and size are just a few of the considerations you need to take into account. Once you’ve found the right truck for you, you might be wondering where to hire your vehicle from?

The only answer in our minds is us, Andy’s Auto Rentals.

Market leaders

We’re proudly a market leader in Southeast Queensland for move-yourself trucks for hire. We’ve built up our reputation for offering high quality service coupled with high quality vehicles. If you’re wanting peace of mind as well as a piece of our fleet, we’re certainly the right choice for you.

Truck selection

As we’ve outlined above, there are a ton of different options when it comes to commercial vehicles on offer. Our fleet counts tautliners, Curtainside, flatbeds and refrigerated options. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect truck for whatever job you’re looking to tackle.

Seven days a week hire

If you’re looking to move house over the weekend or want to pack up and relocate your office outside of business hours, we won’t get in the way. We’re open at all hours of the day and night, and operate all seven days of the week. Easy, convenient, available – that’s the Andy’s difference!

Long term rental

We’re passionate about accommodating our customers and their needs. Whether you need short term or long term truck rental, the choice is yours. Our long term rental options are highly competitive in terms of price, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Value for money

Andy’s is not just competitive in the industry in terms of quality and variety of trucks for rental. Our prices are very affordable and our cost structure is transparent. In fact, we even offer a price match guarantee. If you find a comparatively cheaper truck hire service than ours, but want to benefit from our extra offerings just let us know and we’ll match your other quoted price.

Extra offers

There are a ton of other reasons why Andy’s Auto Rentals is your best option for truck rental.

Here are just a few more:

  • We provide no-cost accident cover and service.
  • We offer free pick up and delivery across the Sunshine Coast.
  • Our trucks come in manual and auto transmission options.
  • Our moving kits are available for hire as well and include ropes, trolleys and blankets.

Book your truck today

If you’re ready to book your truck, you can do it online today. If you’d rather talk through the different options to ensure your chosen rental moving truck is right for you, call us on 1300 132 708.

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