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How to find the Best UTE rentals in Australia

Finding the best ute rentals

Believe it or not, not all ute rentals are made equal. Some have objectively different specifications, sizes or features. While others might be more suitable for one particular type of use or another.

To help you find the best ute in Australia for your purpose, make sure to read our breakdown below of everything you need to know. 


What are ute vehicles?

First of all, what exactly are ute vehicles? Utes, short for utility vehicle, are vehicles designed for travelling over rough ground, more often than not with an open back tray at the rear.

In some countries, like America, utes are referred to as pickup trucks or even just as trucks. 


When to use ute vehicles?

Utes can be used for a number of different purposes. Most commonly and generically, the open cargo tray on the back allows the driver to load and carry larger, bulkier and often heavier loads than a normal automobile would allow.

The tray can be customisable as well allowing many tradespeople or construction workers to add canopies, trays, drawers and other accessories to their ute. Even avid campers can and do use ute vehicles. Of course, there’s more space to transport tents and equipment, but the customisability of a ute tray can help campers modify their vehicles into the perfect mobile home away from home as well. 


How to find the best ute rentals

Aside from simply searching online for cheap ute hire near me, how do you know which utes are the best?


1. Check the rates

Different ute rental companies will offer different rates. Remember, that the cheapest rates are not necessarily always the best option. Even for the budget conscious.

Always check the terms, conditions and inclusions for any ute or car rental, especially for hidden or extra costs that are not presented up front. 


2. Check the vehicles

Check the specific make and model of any ute vehicle you’re intending on hiring. As we said at the outset, not all utes are made for all purposes. You might need a robust beast that’s capable of going off-road. Or you might want one that has a flatbed which allows for more flexibility in transporting cargo. 


3. Check the review

Reviews of both the ute vehicles themselves and the ute rental company are an excellent way of helping you to determine the best ute for you. Testimonials, star ratings and reviews from previous renters will give you as accurate an understanding of the experience that awaits you as you can get. 


4. Check the specs

Different utes for different brutes! Some of the specs and features that you might want to look out fore looking for a ute to hire include:

  • Drive – is the ute a 4×4 (meaning it can safely perform off road) or is just a 4×2?
  • Cabs – some utes feature a single cab or a dual cab. If you’re thinking you’ll need an extra cab, make sure the ute you’re looking at features it.
  • Cab Chassis – consider whether you want the chassis on the back to be open and exposed for your intended purposes.
  • Diesel – some ute vehicles run on diesel, so make sure you check the fuel intake before making a decision. There are even providers of electric utes in Australia nowadays. So, if you’d prefer driving an electric utility vehicle make sure to check for that specification as well.
  • Fuel efficiency – on the petrol situation, if fuel efficiency is important for you and your budget, make sure to check the level of fuel efficiency from any ute you’re looking at. 


5. Follow our tips

Our last piece of advice for finding the right ute to hire is a simple checklist. This list of tips will help you strip out the wrong utes and identify the one right for you. (PS You can use this same checklist for renting any car in Brisbane or throughout Australia).

Tip 1 – Know what size you need

Bigger is not always better. If you’re not going to need the larger sized utes, there’s no point in paying the extra premiums and the inevitably greater fuel costs.

Work out why you need the ute, how much space you’re going to need and then find the right ute that’s the right size. 

Tip 2 – Think about what to load first

When you do know what you’re going to be transporting and using the rental ute for, think about how you’re going to use it. This might seem like a thought for a later date, but it will actually help you find the best ute for you before having to shell out a single dollar.

Tip 3 – Reserve vehicles in advance

The sooner you can reserve the right ute for you the better. At Andy’s Auto Rentals, for example, our extensive fleet of vehicles are in high demand. Thanks to our reputation for fair pricing, professionally maintained vehicles and extra customer service, we enjoy a stream of new and repeat customers.

As soon as you anticipate a need for a ute in the future, make sure to reserve the right vehicle straightaway. That way you can avoid any disappointment and/or hassle. 

Tip 4 – Drive test the vehicle

If you’re not 100% sure which ute or vehicle is right for you, there’s no reason why you can’t arrange a driving test. As with purchasing a new car, renting the right ute can be more easily achieved if you allow yourself the time and opportunity to conduct a test drive first. 


Andy’s Auto Rentals – utes and van rentals

If you’re looking for the best ute rentals make sure to choose Andy’s. With transparent and fair pricing, professional and reliable vehicles, and customer service that’ll leave you with a smile, there’s no better provider of Brisbane car hire than us! 

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