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The best way to discover Fraser Island – the biggest sand island in the world.

Fraser Island Ship WreckThe best way to discover Fraser Island – the biggest sand island in the world.

The island is full of ship wrecks just waiting to be explored or you can go for a swim in one of the clear freshwater lakes, explore the wide open beaches – and the best way to do this is hire a 4wd drive to explore all the wonders on  Fraser Island. When you want to visit this magnificent island you will need to take into account several factors!


If you are from the southern parts of Australia or overseas you may not be aware of strength of the sun. Please be careful and wear a wide brimmed hat, regularly apply lots of suncream to your exposed body parts. Keep as much covered as you can – a bad case of sunburn can ruin your Fraser Island 4wd experience.


Fraser Island can sometimes experience storms in the later summer months January through to March. – so be prepared if travelling in those months. Being an island it normally would expect plenty of refreshing breezes but these can sometimes have a very cooling affect at night in the winter months and it has been known to get very cool during these times.

Fraser Island 4wd Hire – Enjoy the diversity

Some of the things you can get up to while on Fraser Island includes fishing, which can be done from either beach, reef or estuary – please note there is no freshwater fishing allowed on the island at all. Whale watching is another very popular thing to do as the whales migrate back south with their new born calves.

Bird life is ample on the island with many varieties such as the Eastern Curlew, pelicans, jabirus and gulls. Dingos have remained on the island basically untouched and are still a pure breed but must be treated with caution as they are still wild animals and need to be treated with respect and young children should not be allowed to get too close. There are numerous in land lakes to visit on the island as well as a mix of tidal saltwater pools.  

World Heritage Listed

Fraser Island is located of the eastern Queensland coast just a few hours’ drive from Brisbane in your 4wd hire vehicle. Fraser Island is a World Heritage listed area and as such you should only stick to approved tracks and as it can be extremely busy at certain times of the year.  You need to have patience and show respect to other users on the sand and hopefully they will show some back.

4wd your way around Fraser Island

Our 4wd’s are designed to stay on the main beach areas and not head up into the smaller tracks that lead off into the island. You don’t want to scratch the hire vehicle with the numerous overhanging branches.

Incoming tides can cause big problems for the in-experienced, so please stay up near the high tide mark and be aware of potential hazards around the edges as many a person has lost the 4wd to an incoming tide.

In a nutshell , be sensible, stay alert and above all else use your common sense and you will enjoy your time on the island with family and friends and be talking about it for years to come.


Fraser Island

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