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Where can I rent a moving truck in Brisbane?

Renting a moving truck in Brisbane?

Are you planning on relocating to a new home and wondering where you can hire a moving truck in Brisbane?

There are many things that you need to consider, think about, organise and stress over when it comes to moving and relocating. Finding a reliable, affordable moving truck shouldn’t be one of them. The only name you need to remember for all your moving truck hire needs is Andy!

Before we go through exactly why Andy’s Auto Rentals is the best place to rent a moving truck, it’s worth elaborating on what you should be taking under consideration when deciding from where to rent a truck.

What to consider before hiring a moving truck


Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re moving a minimal amount of personal items the last thing you want to be doing is paying for and maneuvering an oversized truck that’s barely half filled with all your furniture, items, and possessions.

Andy’s Auto Rentals maintains a large fleet of various sized trucks with everything from vehicles with 20 cubic metres in size to 44 cubic metres available. This means when you go with Andy’s team you’re bound to find the perfect truck size for your specific needs.

We know you’re not much of a truck expert, especially when it comes to determining how much space you’ll need in the back. That’s why we recommend you get in touch with our team to discuss your specific needs and preferences. We’ll help you find the right vehicle of the right size to meet your needs.


Chances are if you’re moving house, you don’t need a particularly speccy truck. Of course, if you’re moving foods or materials that require refrigeration, like a relocating hospitality or catering business, it will always be safer to go with a fully refrigerated truck.

Of course, that’s just one example of the different types of truck models. We haven’t even moved on to the difference between a flatbed truck or a lifter truck, and so on. Luckily, our truck fleet stocks just about any sort of truck you could need so finding the right one for your moving needs is as easy as saying A(ndy), B, C…

Pick-up/drop-off location

You’ll be running up and done plenty during the hectic move, so making sure that your truck hire is available from a convenient pick up and drop off location will save your time, hassle, energy and stress.

With our Hendra office located just minutes from the airport terminals, there’s no place more convenient to hire your moving truck in Brisbane than Andy’s Auto Rentals.

Opening hours

Most people prefer to do the bulk of their moving over the weekend and we can’t blame them. Finding, however, an auto rental service that offers truck hire available on a Saturday or Sunday can be more easily said than done. The last thing you need is to have to pick up the truck one day earlier or drop it off one day later than you want.

Andy’s is open every day of the week just for your hiring convenience. Weekday, weekend, it’s all no problem!

Minimum driver age

Many auto and vehicle hire companies charge premiums for younger drivers and many moving truck hire businesses have high minimum driver ages.

While we recognise the thought process behind this, Andy’s is constantly seeking ways to help our younger customers. That’s why we offer a competitively low minimum driver age of 21 for all of our truck and moving truck hirers.

Hire term

For most people, moving is like taking off a plaster: it’s painful and best done in one quick session. Of course, for some this may be an unrealistic expectation. Moving homes can be a long and arduous process. The last thing you need added onto your shoulders is the pressure to return a moving truck you’ve hired sooner than you’d want.

Long term truck rentals are available across our range of quality and fully serviced moving trucks and vans to help you get where you need to go for as long as it takes you to get there.

Company reliability

When you decide to hire a moving truck you’re putting your faith in the rental company from whom you’re hiring the vehicle. So it’s important that you’re confident that the business is reliable and reputable.

Andy’s Auto Rental has been in the truck hiring game in Brisbane for almost two decades. During this time we’ve built up a solid reputation for high quality vehicles and high quality service. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’d be happy for you to jump onto Google or Facebook to check out our 4.5 out of 5 average customer ratings and 110+ customer recommendations!

Booking convenience

The best and most well maintained rental truck is only as valuable to you as your ability to hire it. Booking convenience is really important when finding and scheduling your moving truck.

All of our trucks in Brisbane are available for booking by phone or online. Either give us a call on 1300 132 708 OR BOOK your truck yourself here.


One of the most influential factors for customers looking to hire a moving truck in Brisbane and beyond is the cost. The price of hiring a truck will obviously depend on the model and make of truck, the length of the hire, and various other factors such as the age of the driver.

We understand that moving budgets can be very tight and that price is a very serious pain point for many of our customers. Not only do we guarantee competitive pricing across all of our vehicle rentals, but we even offer a price match guarantee. If you bring us a comparable price from a competitor that’s lower than our price, we’ll match it. No questions asked. That’s a promise.

Moving truck rental in Brisbane? Call Andy’s!

Andy’s Auto Rentals has been a truck rental market leader in quality, variety and customer service for years, especially among move-yourself truck hire customers. Proudly Australian owned and operated we’re uncompromisingly committed to providing the best vehicle hire at the best price with the best service.

So, whether you’re wondering where to hire a moving truck in Brisbane, or want to chat about any or all of our vehicle rentals, give us a call on 1300 132 708

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