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Budget van hire – getting from A to B in Queensland

Do you need a van for your business? Well, have you thought about our budget van hire?

Hiring a van can save you a significant amount of money, because you don’t have to use your capital for a large purchase or make all the interest payments on a loan. Then there’s the maintenance, services and repairs that can cost you a fortune over the life of the vehicle.

Van hire is the perfect solution, particularly if you only want the extra help for a short period of time; if you want a van long term, hiring is still a great option. That’s because we do all the services and repairs on the van. Not only that, but you can hire different types of vans to suit your changing needs. That’s so much easier than selling your current van and buying another one or even buying a second van for your business.

You save so much money and the whole process is so convenient!

Let’s check out our fleet of vans so you can decide which of our budget van hire options is best for your current needs.

Budget van hire – Fleet options

Anyone who drives our vans must be at least 21 years of age, but they only need a car licence, so that makes it an easy option for your business. Our fleet has vans for every occasion, from jumbo cargo models to dual cab 4WDs, cages and drop side options.

Renault Master Jumbo Van

The Renault Master Jumbo has three seats upfront and 13.8 cubic metres of cargo space in the back. There’s also a side opening sliding door and double rear opening doors, cruise control, A/C, ABS and it comes with automatic transmission. The side and rear access makes it easy to access cargo near the rear of the cargo space. This is a great budget van hire option for a day on the road as it’s really comfortable upfront and can carry just about anything in the back!

Toyota Super Long Wheel Base

If you need to transport fairly long equipment or packages, then our Toyota Super Long Wheel Base Van is the perfect choice. It comes with three roomy seats upfront, automatic transmission, cruise control and A/C. This option, however, gives you a large 9.3 cubic metres of space in the rear cargo area making it ideal for couriers who need to carry lots of packages on their runs. Even though it has a long wheel base, it’s still easy to park and manoeuvre, so you can get in and out of tight spaces with no worries.

Toyota Hiace Automatic Van

Looking for something a little bigger? Well our Toyota Hiace Automatic Van ticks all the boxes. This is a great budget van hire option as it comes with a huge 5 to 6 cubic metres of cargo space in the back, enough to move just about anything! It also comes with three roomy seats upfront, ABS, A/C and automatic transmission. Given its size, you might think that it’s going to be difficult to park and manoeuvre around tight bends, but this van is easy to drive and won’t give you any trouble in the city.

Toyota Hiace Manual Van

Just the same as the automatic option, the Toyota Hiace Manual Van has three comfortable seats upfront and comes with A/C and ABS. It also has an awesome 5 to 6 cubic metres of space in the rear, making it ideal for transporting lots of packages or even enough furniture to fill a small flat. It’s great to drive but you do need to know how to drive a manual!

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Turbo Diesel Ute

Need more in the front, less in the back and the grunt of a turbo diesel? Welcome to our Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab Turbo Diesel Ute – the perfect budget van hire! Space in the back is limited, but it still takes a generator, toolbox and equipment easily. This van comes with 5 seats, ABS, cruise control and A/C, as well as automatic transmission. A great option if you need to tow a trailer and very popular with tradies who are between vehicles or when their work van is in for repairs.

Toyota Hilux Caged Ute

The Toyota Hilux Caged Ute is the one to choose if you need a cage to secure your loads. You can choose either a manual or automatic model and it comes with a tow bar, A/C, ABS and two seats upfront. With a one tonne payload, you can take all the rubbish to the tip, tow a small trailer or move large or heavy packages, as well as appliances or equipment with ease.

Toyota Hilux Dropside

Another budget van hire option that’s available in either manual or automatic transmission, this van makes loading and unloading easy with its drop down sides. It also comes with a tow bar, AC, ABS and three seats upfront. Another great feature for tradies are the racks that can carry timber or ladders to your job site.

Where’s the best place for budget van hire?

If your business needs the helping hand of a budget van hire, then you can hire our vans from Miami on the Gold Coast, as well as the Gold Coast (Coolangatta) airport. You can also pick up and drop off your hire van at Logan and both the domestic and international terminals at Brisbane airport.

We are also happy for you to drop off your hire van at a location that’s different to where you picked it up, although that can attract a small fee.

New to hiring a van?

If you are a van hire newbie, then all is not lost! Simply decide which budget van hire suits your needs and the best location for pick up and then give us a call. You can even make your booking online to speed up the process. If you’ve any questions about the hiring process, insurances or which van is best for your business needs, just give us a call on 1300 132 708 or shoot us an email.

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