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Convertible cars for hire on the Sunshine Coast: Why you should treat yourself

Hiring a sports/convertible car for your next trip

If you’re in the pre-planning or booking stages of a trip to beautiful, sunny Southeast Queensland you may soon be facing the decision as to what sort of vehicle you’ll be hiring.

Whether you’re coming for a work trip, to visit family and friends, or on holiday there’s no time like the present to consider treating yourself to a few days or so of driving a dream luxury vehicle. Our fleet of prestige cars offer customers plenty of choice when it comes to finding the convertible car that suits them, but more on that later.

Before we get there, let’s deal with the Mustang in the room: Where can you hire a convertible car on the Sunshine Coast?

Andy’s convertible car hire offering

In addition to our fleets of sedans, hatchbacks, four-wheel-drives and trucks, vans and utility vehicles, Andy’s Auto Rentals offers an industry leading selection of luxury vehicles for hire on the Sunshine Coast.

Our fantastic variety of convertible and sports car offerings include:

  • Ford Mustang GT Coupe
  • Ford Mustang Coupe
  • Ford Mustang GT Coupe Convertible
  • Ford Mustang Convertible
  • BMW 220I Convertible
  • Mini Cooper Convertible

To see our full fleet and check out more specific information about any particular vehicle, view our prestige lineup here.

Why choose us?

There are plenty of reasons why, if you’re treating yourself to a well-deserved prestige vehicle, you should come with Andy’s for all your Sunshine Coast car hire needs.

1. Quality service

High quality vehicles should be paired with high quality service. If you’re going to be shelling out a bit more cash for a truly unique and luxurious experience, we believe that the customer service you receive is just as luxurious. Our number one priority is service for all of our customers and every member of our team is completely dedicated to ensuring that we exceed the expectations of all of our clients.

2. Price match guarantee

Just because you’re indulging in hiring a sports or convertible car, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the best deal available. With our price match guarantee offer you can rest assured that when you choose to hire from Andy’s Auto Rentals you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible. Our industry-leading prices is just one of many reasons why we’ve become the leading independent vehicle rental company on the Sunshine Coast and throughout greater Southeast Queensland.

3. Extra offerings

We weren’t joking when we said we go above and beyond to ensure the ultimate experience for our customers. Between our free pick-up and delivery offering to select areas to our free airport shuttle transport, and even our no-cost accident service, it’s no wonder our customers enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with their car rentals.

Should you hire a convertible car?

Take it from us: there’s nothing quite like taking in the sights of the stunning Sunshine Coast from inside a roofless convertible sports car. While there has been a recent increase in interest in luxury vehicle car hire, many people are still unsure about the concept. Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a sports car for your next trip.

1. Luxury

An experience in a luxury car is nothing short of–well–luxurious! Driving around in a convertible, sports car will elevate your entire trip and really turn your drive into a sensationally enjoyable and memorable experience. Much like the difference between travelling by plane in first class compared to economy, there’s nothing like a first grade luxury convertible to take your visit to the Sunshine Coast up a notch or two.

2. Comfort

If you’re going to be in the car for a significant amount of time or you value driving in comfort as well as style, nothing beats one of our prestige vehicles. Our sports cars offer unparalleled comfort for both drivers and passengers alike.

3. Reliability

In addition to being expertly maintained by our onsite auto technicians, all of our prestige cars bring their inherent high quality in performance and reliability in function to the table. When you decide to treat yourself to one of our luxury cars, you’re treating yourself to peace of mind knowing that you’ll enjoy a smooth, reliable and problem-free drive.

4. Make memories

Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or finally rewarding yourself and a loved one(s) with a well-deserved vacation? There’s no better way to make memories you’ll never forget or regret than by cruising around the coast in a stunning, high performing convertible.

5. Make a statement

Your luxury vehicle car hire won’t just make memories for you, it’ll be memorable in the eyes of family, friends and colleagues. Nothing quite makes a statement like rocking up in an eye-catching sports car. If you like the fact that your drive turns heads, and less face it who doesn’t, then you’ll love driving one of our prestige cars off the lot.

6. Suitable for business

Business trips can be very busy, stressful and even sometimes a little anxiety inducing. Choosing a convertible or sports car will help you look the part, feel part and act the part. Businessmen and women of all backgrounds love opting for a luxury vehicle that works both functionally and fashionably for their working needs.

Your hired sports car is waiting for you

Andy’s Auto Rentals offers the best value car hire in Southeast Queensland across a range of vehicles, including luxury sports cars.

There’s plenty of reasons why you should choose us for your convertible car hire while visiting the Sunshine Coast and we’ve barely scratched the service. So whether you’re ready to book your car now or want to find out more, make sure to get in touch with our team today. We can’t wait to see you drive off in your sports car!

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