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Getting the right vehicle for your next family holiday

Getting the right vehicle for your next family holiday

Getting the right vehicle for your next family holiday

As much as holidays should be relaxing, all mums and dads will know that actually organising the family holiday can be more stressful than not.

What’s more – if you’re a family of eight – holidays are certainly no mean feat!

Fortunately, there are reliable and affordable rental cars available through Andy’s Auto Hire that cater to your needs and take the hassle away from holiday car hire.

Even when you’re not quite a family of eight, but you’re just over five people, or your passengers are a little too close for comfort when there’s a baby seat or two thrown in – all passengers yearn for the luxury of a little more space.

At times like these, a standard rental car is simply not enough and the perfect solution is to hire an eight-seater vehicle to avoid the hassle of driving from ‘A to B’ more than once.

Both our Kia Carnival and Hyundai iMax seat up to 8 people with ease so that everyone in your family (or extended family) can travel together and not miss out on that special time together throughout the trip.

Competitive Pricing

If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Kia Carnival automatic people mover for hire, or for a newer model – and still a competitive rental price – check out the Hyundai iMax 8-seater.

Both options have versatile seating to provide a number of options to aid passenger comfort as well as luggage requirements. You can even check out our minibus hire if you have a large family or are taking relatives and friends away with you on holiday.

All of Andy’s vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced so the only worry you’ll have is getting everyone to agree on where you’re driving too!

Our hire depots are ideally located in between Coolangatta and the Gold Coast in the south to Brisbane and the airport in the north – so you’ll be able to pick up a hire car close to you at a great price.

Stress-free travel for your family holiday 

If you’re flying into the Gold Coast or Brisbane airports, it makes sense to hire a car for your family holiday. This saves you waiting in line for a taxi (which depending on the day and time can be a lengthy wait) and saves you money (because taxi fares aren’t cheap in Australia). It’s also much more comfortable to drive yourself around on holiday and not have to continually book taxis or organise everyone to get on public transport. 

Even if you live in south-east Queensland, hiring a car for your holiday means that you can travel in a more spacious, larger and more luxurious car than in your day-to-day life. That is definitely not a stressful holiday, in fact it’s quite the opposite!

What about an accident or breakdown? Well, there’s also no stress on you because we take care of everything. We’ll supply you with a new vehicle and you can be on your way, as soon as reasonably possible. You don’t have to worry about anything! Hiring a car for a holiday with family is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Travel in comfort with a hire car

Most parents know that travelling for longer than 30 minutes in a car results in unhappy kids, which leads to its own set of problems. When the A/C doesn’t work, the rear windows stopped working years ago and the seats are no longer comfortable, your family holiday suddenly becomes a reality. 

It’s much better to take your family on holiday in a car that’s fuel efficient, looks great and everything works! Imagine packing everyone into a car that’s spacious, comfortable and has all the WIFI and entertainment systems you need to keep the kids quiet for more than 30 minutes. Yes, the A/C works as well!

Don’t worry about servicing your car before your holiday

If you’re taking your family on holiday in your car then you really need to get it serviced before heading off. This not only ensures that your car is safe but can also save you a significant amount of money and angst if it breaks down during your trip. After all, if you’re used to driving around town and you suddenly decide to drive from the Gold Coast to Rockhampton, your family car might need some TLC to accomplish this task. 

The problem is that even after paying for a service (and repairs if they’re needed), you’re still left with your small, uncomfortable car with no A/C and no entertainment system for your family holiday. So why not upgrade with a hire car and save your money? 

Hiring is great when you don’t own a car!

Many people who live in the city don’t actually own a car, because they rely on public transport, taxis, friends, neighbours and relatives to ferry them around. So when you want to go on a family holiday, it makes sense to hire a car because it not only saves you money but gives you flexibility. With a hire car you don’t have to rely on anyone else and can come and go as you please. 

So next time you need a rental car – whether it’s for your growing family or extended family – remember to check out Andy’s for the best minibuses or 8 seat budget vehicle hires around town.

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