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Hire a car from Gold Coast Airport

So you have landed!

Now it’s time to hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport and get ready to have a great time on your holiday or business trip. Andy’s Auto Rentals offers you a large selection of affordable cars, luxury cars, sports cars, convertibles, 4WDs, Utes and people movers, all perfect for getting around during your stay.

We even have a selection of vans, buses, trucks and Utes, so we have your every need covered!

Why hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport?

The Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Australia. Its central position and proximity to the beaches of Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay makes it a great starting point for holidays and 4WD trips, whether heading north, south or west. Just hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport and head off into the wide blue yonder!

Whether you are flying in for a family theme park holiday or a business function or meeting, Andy’s Auto Rentals has the car that’s perfect for your needs. Just imagine driving away in a Ford Mustang Convertible, 7-Seat Pajero Sport 4WD, SUV or small compact car – whatever car you need you can find at Andy’s Auto Rentals.

Why hire a van, truck or bus from the Gold Coast Airport?

Are you picking up a group of friends, clients, business colleagues or extended family members at the Gold Coast Airport? Instead of trying to squeeze everyone in your car, why not make them all comfortable in one of our people-movers or mini-buses? This is the best way to move 7 or more people from one place to another and comes with plenty of room for all their luggage.

We also lease trucks or vans to business owners who need to pick up cargo from the airport and deliver it either to their own warehouses or to their client’s stores. This is a great way to avoid all the expenses involved in purchasing and maintaining a truck or van yourself and still manage your business efficiently. Since you only need a car license to drive our vans and trucks, it’s a win-win situation!

How to hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport

When you hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport, you can complete the paperwork and pick up your vehicle at our airport or Miami office. Just sign on the dotted line, throw your luggage in the boot and you will quickly be on your way!

When you’re ready to return the vehicle at the end of your stay, you can arrange to leave it at either our Gold Coast Airport or Miami office. You can even leave it at one of our offices at other airports around Australia, but there might be a fee involved. It’s a good idea to check with our staff when you hire your car if you are considering returning your rental car at a location that’s different to your pick-up point.

How hire a van, truck or bus from the Gold Coast Airport

When you hire a van, truck or bus to pick up friends, relatives, business colleagues or cargo from the airport, you can collect the vehicle from our airport or Miami office. Once you have completed the paperwork, you can be on your way to pick up your passengers or cargo. If you want to return the vehicle to a different location, however, simply discuss your needs with our staff when you complete the paperwork.

Roadside assistance

When you hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport, ask us about Roadside assistance! This may be invaluable to the success of your trip, because you won’t be on your own if you break down, suffer a flat tyre or lock your keys in the car.

For just $2.50 a day, you don’t have to pay the $150 call out fee that’s charged for driver-error breakdowns. This special offer only applies to a limited selection of our vehicles, which you can check on our Roadside Assistance Page.

Roadside assistance includes help when you have a flat tyre or battery, lock the keys in the vehicle or run out of fuel. These can seem such trivial problems but can be very costly if you have no one to offer help, particularly if you are in a remote area or far away from a built-up area (which isn’t hard to achieve in Australia!).

Insurance & liabilities

When you hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport, it’s fully insured and comes with the standard liability. However, you can take out an additional collision damage waiver (CDW) to reduce these liabilities (not applicable for single vehicle incidents).

Here are a few additional points to note about the insurance and liabilities when you hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport (you can find out more information on our Car Rental Insurance Page).

Gold Cover: This insurance is only available if you have taken out a CDW and you travel locally, not interstate. It’s only available for cars, 8-seater and 12-seater buses and includes a collision damage waiver and single vehicle waiver of $300 for cars, $500 for 8-seaters and $990 for 12-seaters. You are also covered for hail, headlight, tyre and windscreen damage, as well as theft.

4WD vehicles: If you intend to travel on unsealed roads, drive off-road or tow anything (including a caravan, camper trailer or trailer), special conditions exist, so speak to our staff when booking.

Trucks & buses: Please note that any damage to the body or underbody of hire trucks and buses due to a single vehicle incident is not covered under your insurance. This includes driving under bridges that are too low!

Contacting Andy’s Auto Rentals

If you’re not sure which vehicle is best for your needs or you have a question about how to hire a car from the Gold Coast Airport, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a variety of contact numbers, depending on whether you’re calling from Australia or overseas, which you can check on our Contact Us Page.

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