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List of things to do when moving house

List of things to do when moving houseList of things to do when moving house

Between packing up all of your belongings and remembering to change your address with all the right organisations, moving places can be a very busy time.

Because we understand just how stressful this can all be, we’ve created a check list of key places you’ll probably need to notify that you’re changing address:

  1. Banking Institutions
  2. Car registration and insurance
  3. Australian Electoral Commission
  4. Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  5. Council rates (if you’re the homeowner)
  6. Doctors, dentists and so on
  7. Medicare and/or private health insurance
  8. Phone and internet providers
  9. Pay TV, Netflix, or similar
  10. Schools, Universities and Work
  11. Pet microchip registry if you have a pet
  12. Clubs you have a membership with e.g. RSL or Surf Clubs
  13. Magazine subscriptions
  14. Electricity provider (don’t forget to call and get it switched off upon your departure)

If you’re preparing early, something to consider is paying attention to all the mail you receive in the last month or two leading up to your moving date in case there are other organisations to notify.

If you remember them all, you can avoid paying a fee to Australia Post to have mail redirected to your new address.

Once the admin side of things is sorted – the next hurdle to overcome is moving your things from one place to the next.

Van Hiring Options

Hiring a van to move house in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan areas has never been easier – with four different vans to choose at Andy’s Auto Rentals.

A rental van is perfect for moving house because it’s protected from the elements, but not as big as a truck – so you can drive around as you normally would in your own car.

Hiring a van makes it easy to pull in and out of driveways and narrow streets – but surprisingly spacious to pack all of your things in.

There are a few long wheel base vans available to hire, or you can rent a Crafter Jumbo Van which is exceptionally suited to moving house with both side access the and double barn doors at the rear for loading things in of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking to hire a van for your next move, check out our range of vehicles and very low prices.

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