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SUV rentals: what to know

Your guide to SUV rentals

SUV rentals are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. From comfort to safety, there are a lot of benefits to getting behind the wheel of these practical vehicle models.

If you’re planning a trip, be it for work or pleasure, to Brisbane and looking at Andy’s Auto Rental’s fleet of cars, here’s everything you need to know about renting an SUV.

What EXACTLY is an SUV?

The acronym SUV stands for sport utility vehicle, which is a pretty apt name. SUVs are known for combining many of the elements that people most value in other car types.

For example it combines the height of a four-wheel-drive with manoeuvrability of a sedan. While it’s hard to narrow down on an objective set of criteria to define what is and isn’t an SUV, they are generally considered to be an amalgamation of off-road and urban/road-going cars.
It’s important to note that while most modern SUVs offer both 2-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive make sure to give us a call when booking your SUV to ensure the chosen make and model is suitable for the adventures you have lined up.

SUV rental is the smart choice for road trips

Due to their size–in fact, SUV rentals come in a range of sizes–an SUV could be just the vehicle you need for your next road trip. Often SUVs boast safety and driving features missing from other cars that make heading out on the open road, or even a cheeky detour off the road, all the more easy and enjoyable.


If you’re looking for a safe and sturdy vehicle, SUVs offer a strong frame and robust build without the heaviness (or the rental price) of a full blown four-wheel-drive. Despite the ruggedness, SUVs are also perfectly comfortable so whether you’re taking a significant other along for the ride with you or the whole family, you’ll enjoy a truly comfortable driving experience.

Suitable for city driving

Four-wheel-drives are definitely ideal for hardcore off road driving, but if you want the flexibility and versatility in your car’s operation to suit both inner city and off-the-beaten-path driving, an SUV is a top tier choice.

SUV rental offers plenty of storage

SUVs of all sizes offer heaps of comparative storage space. While the larger SUVs can accommodate even more, the compact models still provide more space than your average sedan car. If you’re planning on hiring an SUV for your holiday, you won’t have to worry about your luggage fitting in the rental.

Family friendly

SUVs are beloved by families of all sizes. With enough space to fit in one or more baby seats, and enough leg room for even the most picky of teenagers, this family friendly vehicle will be an absolute lifesaver if you’re bundling up the kids and heading out to see all the beautiful sites of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

SUV rentals are good for camping

Planning a good camping trip? Armed with a powerful engine and four-wheel-drive operability, SUVs are excellent for use on camping trips. Combined with the various safety features and size options offering valuable luggage space, you won’t want to go without an SUV rental.

Book your SUV today!

Excited at the thought of your upcoming holiday or trip?

Book the perfect SUV rental in Brisbane today! If you need any assistance with your booking or with finding the right vehicle for you, the Andy’s Auto Rental team is always available. We’re the leader in cheap car rentals, minivan rental cars and SUV rentals.

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