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Tips for finding the best van rental companies

Finding a rental van company

A little industry secret is that not all rental van companies are equal! Whether you need a van for commercial or personal use, it’s super important that you choose a company that you can rely on.

If you’re on the hunt for a business that can cater to your needs, there are a couple of things you should know and keep in mind.

Do they offer the right model and type of van?

Like cars, there are a ton of different types and models of vans, and they’re not all the same either. If you’re looking into a specific rental van company don’t just stop once you see they have vans in their fleet available for hire. Make sure you look at what kind of vans they offer.

Andy’s Auto Rentals for example keeps a fleet offering a wide variety of van options. There’s the Renault Master Jumbo Van with an auto transmission and 13.8 cubes worth of luggage space. With plenty of storage in the driver’s cabin and the back, it’s the perfect vehicle for commercial use. If you want something a little more compact and tighter, the Toyota Super Long Wheel Base clocks in at just 9.3 cubes and is perfect for courier work or moving house, while the Hiace Automatic Van is even smaller!

Size does matter when you’re working in and with vans, so make sure you get the right size for the job you need to do.

Do they offer special deals?

Van rental companies, like car rental companies, should provide customers with a transparent and honest pricing structure so that there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises come credit card payment time. Having said that, the very best hire companies go a step beyond.

Unlike car rentals, vans are often needed for extremely short bursts of time. The best companies offer a variety of special deals to help save customers money. Andy’s Auto Rentals has a 5-hour van special that starts from just $41! (Terms and conditions apply.) Additionally, the ‘book now pay later’ offer means you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is confirmed for the day and time you need it without having to make payment immediately.

It’s not just about the van you’re hiring. It’s about the customer service that comes with it.

Do they ensure high quality mechanical maintenance?

Vans are workhorses and they need to operate as such. The best van rental companies keep a team of experienced and knowledgeable mechanics on staff to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs (when necessary) to ensure every van that leaves their office runs like a dream.

Without that level of reassurance you could find yourself overpaying for an underperforming vehicle and when you’re relying on the hire van to get your house possessions moved on time or a work shipment delivered by a deadline, a delay or breakdown can be stressful at best and catastrophic at worst. That’s exactly why Andy’s is committed to ensuring every single vehicle hired, vans included, is mechanically maintained to the highest of standards.

Do they offer breakdown service?

Accidents happen. No matter what you do, they can happen. The question is how does your rental van company deal with it? Do they offer 24-hour breakdown service, like Andy’s, so that you’ll never be caught out in the dark? Do they charge you enormous fees for simple roadside assistance? Do they make post-accident protection a priority stress free?

That’s the difference between the run-of-the-mill companies and the best ones. Don’t settle for subpar customer service – it’s just not worth the risk.

Are they adequately ensured?

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind but being fully insured with standard liability with the option to take a collision damage waiver or Gold cover on top comes pretty close.

Making sure you’re adequately covered, based on your age and the vehicle type being rented, is one way to cover both your backside and help you avoid unnecessary stress. To find out about Andy’s Auto Rentals car liabilities click here, and for car rental insurance click here.

Are they conveniently located?

Of course, not every rental van company offers the free delivery and pickup service that Andy’s does, but for those that don’t are they at least conveniently located? Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect a Brisbane-based van company to be conveniently located in Sydney, but if the business purports to be available in your city it’s important you check exactly where they are located.

Otherwise there is always the possibility that you’ll find yourself driving half way across the city and back before you’ve even started on the job you need the van for! Andy’s Auto Rentals has a number of locations providing–between them–a handy pick up and drop off point for just about anyone and everyone from Brisbane down to Tweed Heads.

If even that’s not convenient enough for you, Andy’s free delivery and pick up service (subject to terms and conditions) makes renting the van you need when you need it as easy as it can possibly be.

Convenience. Reliability. Performance. What more are you looking for in a best van rental company?

Find your van today

At the end of the day the best way to find out which is the best van rental company is to jump online, check out the available fleet and services, and give them a call.

Our team is always happy to speak to new and returning customers. Service has always been and remains our number one priority and we consistently and continuously strive to exceed rather than just meet our customers’ expectations.

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