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Is a trailer what you need?

trailer hireIs a trailer what you need?

If your car isn’t big enough to move a large load – is a trailer really what you need?

Most people would head down to the local service station and hire a box trailer for the weekend without any hesitation.

But despite how easy it is to pick up a rental trailer, there a number of challenges that come with actually using the trailer. So here are a few things to consider:

1. Is your own vehicle equipped to tow a trailer?

You’ll need to ensure that you’re fully equipped with a tow-hitch, safety chains and that the tow-bar or ball on your vehicle connects correctly to the trailer.

2. Are you confident driving with a trailer hitched to your car?

Driving with a trailer is certainly not as easy to manoeuvre as you think. Your car can behave very differently to how it normally is when a trailer is added to the equation.

You need to be able to recognise any change in the messages being transmitted through the steering wheel and be aware that the stopping distances are much different to usual.

After all, you don’t want the trailer to jack-knife into your car when you brake too hard.

3. Will you be able to park and reverse with a trailer attached?

Given that you’re transporting a number of large objects, you’d most likely want to back the trailer up towards where you’re unloading – which takes a bit of skill.

The theory of reversing a trailer is simple – if you turn the back of the tow vehicle to the left the back of the trailer will move to the right, and vice versa.

But in practice, the vast majority of trailers will not respond at all to steering inputs, then suddenly snap sideways.

4. If you hire a ute, van or even a small truck – you can avoid a trailer altogether and take the hassle out of moving large objects.

All three vehicle types have the space you need to move large loads but are infinitely easier to drive, turn and park.

Without a trailer hitched, you can drive any one of these vehicles around as easily as you would in your own car.

Even our 3-tonne Pantec hire trucks are quite compact, and only require a car licence to drive.

So if you’re considering renting a trailer, think again and hire a van or ute for your safety and convenience, or book a truck from just $69*!

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