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Truck Hire Brisbane – Rent a truck for moving!

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Truck hire Brisbane & Truck rental brisbane | Moving Trucks | Small Trucks | Tipper Hire | Flatbed Hire | Refrigerated  Truck | 3 tonne truck - Family moving house with ease!

Truck hire in Brisbane – Rent a truck for moving!

Moving house can be a very expensive time as it is, so if you’re the type of person that would rather get in and do the job yourself instead of paying a removalist – consider truck hire. The most affordable trucks for moving in Brisbane.

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Types of trucks available for hire:

  • Pantec (great for moving house or office)
  • Flatbed with shipping container pins
  • Flatbed with gates
  • Curtainside (ideal for moving pallets, available with lifters)
  • Refrigerated Pantec

Learn more about truck rental models

Hiring a truck to move house in the Brisbane area has never been easier – with a whole range of different trucks to choose from at Andy’s Auto Rentals.

All of our Isuzu 3 tonne, 6-tonne and 9-tonne Pantec trucks are fitted with a hydraulic tailgate loader, and they are fully closed-in to keep your belongings out of the weather and safe from the elements.

The Isuzu 1.3 tonne Flatbed with gates or 3 tonne Flatbed with ladder racks are two great options to move things about on a clear day.

The gates and ladders make it easy to load and unload furniture and they both feature a 4.5m tray – while the Hino 8 tonne Flatbed with pins has a 7m tray. Truck hire in Brisbane is easy with Andy’s Auto Rentals.

Best of all, Andy’s can find the perfect truck that suits your needs as well as your driving ability.

There are three hire trucks that simply require a car licence. These include our Isuzu 3 tonne Pantec, Isuzu 1.3 tonne Flatbed with gates or Isuzu 3 tonne Flatbed with ladder racks.

Better yet – all three models are available in both automatic and manual transmissions – so if you’re not comfortable driving a manual, it’s not a worry at all.

If you’re seeking a larger Pantec to fit more furniture in one load, the 6 and 9-tonne Pantecs will require a Medium Rigid (MR) Licence.

Similarly, Fuso 12 and 14-pallet Curtainside trucks are also available for hire and require an MR licence to drive as well.

Moving house can be stressful, and the last thing you need is a group of strangers handling your belongings and possibly damaging them in transit.

Check out our range of trucks and very low prices and take the worry out of your next move by hiring a truck and doing it yourself.

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