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Where can I hire a people carrier?

Want to but not sure where to look? Well, at Andy’s Auto Rentals we have a fleet of people carriers that will suit your needs. From deluxe options to budget models, from large 25-seaters to small 8-seaters, we have a people carrier for every occasion and budget.

Lots of people hire a people carrier simply because it makes life so much easier when you have to transport a gang of friends, relatives or colleagues from one place to another. It could be a family get-together at the coast, a wedding anniversary in the country or a team building exercise at work. Whatever the occasion, it definitely makes short work of getting everyone from A to B without any fuss or losing anyone along the way!

At Andy’s Auto Rentals, we have a fleet of different size people carriers that can be hired for the day, overnight, weekend, week or even longer. Just remember that the nominated driver must be at least 21 years of age and hold a valid open driver’s licence for all but the larger 25-seaters. For these larger people carriers you need a LR licence, but they are fairly easy to obtain and allow you to drive small trucks up to 8 tonne GVM.

Before we check out our fleet of mini buses, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring a people carrier.

5 Benefits when you hire a people carrier

1. Convenience

If you need a gang of people to meet some distance away, it’s so much more convenient to hire a people carrier and pick them up along the way. Of course, you can ask them all to meet at one location and then head off in the minibus, but it might be easier for everyone if you collect them along the way, particularly if alcohol will be part of the outing.

2. Comfort

Everyone knows that sitting in a car for hours on end isn’t very comfortable, but in a people carrier there’s a lot more space to move around. The seats are wide and comfortable with plenty of legroom and in the larger vehicles people can change seats as they chat amongst themselves.

3. Save money

When you split the hire costs and the fuel between the number of people in the minibus, it makes hiring a minibus very cost-effective. Just compare it with the money of hiring individual cars and the fuel needed for the trip. One vehicle will cost a lot less than if everyone makes their own way to the get-together, even if they use their own cars.

4. More fun

Long trips can be very boring, but when you hire a people carrier and all of you get together in one vehicle it can be lots of fun. There’s always someone to talk to in the back of a minibus and if you have any kids along on the trip, there will be plenty of people to keep them engaged.

5. Easier parking

Instead of trying to find parking for numerous vehicles at your destination or along the way if you stop for a break, you only need to find one parking spot. Admittedly, the 25-seaters need a big parking spot, but there is usually plenty of designated parking for buses at service stations and at many of the public spots you might visit.

Quick overview of our people carrier fleet

At Andy’s Auto Rentals, we have a wide range of people carriers making your selection very easy. All you need to do when you hire a people carrier is match the number of people with the minibus and in some cases, decide on a manual or auto transmission. Here’s a quick glance at our fleet.

8-Seater people carriers

This option is an automatic Kia Carnival, Hyundai iMax or similar vehicle that comes with airbags, ABS, power steering and A/C. It’s a 5-door van that easily fits two families and all their luggage and is ideal for larger families with lots of kids and relatives. The versatile seating arrangements make it very easy to fit everyone comfortably inside for the trip, which is why this option is one of our more popular hires. Just throw the luggage in the back, hop in and it’s just like driving an SUV!

12-Seater people carriers

If you need a 12-seater minibus, you can choose between our manual or automatic Toyota Hiace options (or other similar models), however the auto model runs on diesel. All of these three options come with airbags, ABS and A/C, as well as a 5-speed gearbox (manual or auto), AM/FM radio, MP3 compatibility and a CD sound system. It’s worth mentioning that the A/C goes all the way to the back of the minibus via the overhead vents and the last row of sets can be folded down for additional luggage space.

25-Seater people carriers

Our larger people carrier is a Mitsubishi Rosa that’s available in a standard or deluxe manual option or an auto deluxe model. All three models come with airbags, ABS and A/C. The standard minibus has a wider aisle than the deluxe model but doesn’t come with child safety seats (anchor points for baby seats and booster seats are available in the deluxe models). The deluxe models also come with a tow bar so you can tow a small luggage trailer, if needed. They all come with a PA system so you can keep everyone entertained during the trip and don’t forget that the driver needs a LR licence when you hire a people carrier that seats more than 12 people. We also have a 21-seater Toyota Coaster available if 25 seats is too many.

Where can you hire a people carrier?

You can find Andy’s Auto Rentals at both Brisbane and Coolangatta airports, as well as in Loganholme (halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast). People carriers can be picked up and dropped off at the same location or one of our other locations (if you’ve made prior arrangements).

So if you want to hire a people carrier – call Andy’s Auto Rentals on 1300 132 708 today!

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