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Where can I hire a truck in Henda?

It’s not just for the best car rentals that more and more Brisbane residents are turning to Andy’s Auto Rentals. If you’re in need of a local Hendra truck hire company, we’re the one phone call you need to make.

In addition to our wide range of cars, SUVs and prestige vehicles, we maintain an impeccable fleet of utes and trucks at fantastically affordable prices.

Why turn to Andy’s for all your truck hire needs?

#1 – It’s all about the location

Location, location, location…

Our brand new office is located in the very heart of Hendra on the corner of Nudgee Road and Airport Drive. This means that popping by to pick up your truck is as convenient as it could possibly be.
We’re all about making the entire experience of vehicle hire seamless and stress-free, and our amazingly central location is just one of the ways in which we’re able to do that.

#2 – Pick up and delivery service

It’s hard to get more central than our Hendra depot, but if you prefer service to your literal front door, we can do that too! We cater to all areas of Brisbane including the city, West Brisbane, North Brisbane, South Brisbane, East Brisbane and Southbank, plus every suburb in between. If you fall within our eligible zone, our team will be more than glad to arrange delivery of your truck of choice for whenever you need it and then come back to pick it up once you’re done. And the best part? We offer both services for FREE!

#3 – Seven-day-a-week availability

There’s no reason to rearrange your plans to suit our availability and opening hours because we’re available every day of the week. If you’re moving house or office, you’ll probably want to make the most of the weekend and Andy’s Auto Rentals is here to help ensure total and complete announcement.

#4 – Long term hire

Short term, long term, whatever you need we can deliver! Our range of high quality trucks can be hired for as long as you need to get the job done. In fact, if you find that you need to extend your rental for a little bit longer just let us know and we’ll add more time to your hire. It’s as simple and easy as that!

#5 – Competitive rates

Andy’s Auto Rentals is known for market leading, competitive rates on all of our vehicles, including trucks. If you’re moving your home or office, or just trying to get the job done on a budget, it’s important to save money where you can. With our selection of high quality trucks, you have the perfect opportunity to find what you need at a price you’ll want!

#6 – Extras galore

We’re all about going that extra mile. When you hire a truck from Andy’s, you can also add on a range of moving equipment and kits such as ropes, blankets, trolleys and more! Our aim is to ensure that when you pick up your truck from our office, you’ll be ready to go and best prepared to get the job done from the get go.

#7 – Trucks of all makes and types

We boast a huge selection of large commercial vehicles to help you with everything you could possibly need. Whether you’re planning on moving house yourself, need it for your business, or just want to get a job done without a hitch, we’re the best partner for everything and anything you need. From flatbeds to massive containers, and from tautliners to curtainside-trucks , we’ve got it all and then some!

Hino 3 Tonne Refrigerated Truck

Our Hino 3 tonne refrigerated truck is the highly reliable and dependable solution when you need more space than a ute to keep your frozen and cold goods kept cold. Available in both automatic and manual transmissions, this hardy vehicle will keep up with any job you have for it.

Fuso 14 Pallet Curtainside

The Fuso 14-pallet curtainside truck comes with it all. You can fit three people in the front and up to 14 pallets in the back. The full tailgate lifter makes loading and unloading easier than ever and the curtained sides give you access to your truck from any direction. Whether loading by hand or with a forklift, this is the perfect truck for you.

Fuso 12 Pallet Curtainside

Need something a tad smaller than a 14-pallet truck? You may still need a medium rigid licence, but this slightly more compact Fuso curtainside pallet is just as hardy and reliable as its larger sibling.

Hino 8 Tonne Flatbed with shipping container pins

The Hino 8-tonne flatbed comes with a tray of seven full metres in length and a weight carrying capacity capable of hauling vehicles, machinery and just about anything else you need! Some of our trucks are even capable of holding 20-foot shipping containers, so if you need that unique functionality make sure to let us know as well. Plus, there are a bunch of extra features including GPS, cruise control, air conditioning and power steering.

Isuzu Flatbed Gates

The Isuzu flatbed gates are perfect for a wide variety of uses. Big enough to carry the furniture, contents, light machinery or yard excess you need and yet compact enough to make travelling through inner Brisbane stress-free. With gates attached that make packing the flatbed easy and both automatic and manual transmission options, all you need is a regular car licence and it’s ready for you.

Isuzu/Hino MR licence Pantec 42m3

The Isuzu/Hino Pantec contains 42 cubic metres of space and a tail gate lifter that’s both hydraulic and able to lift two-tonnes of weight. Moving house or relocating business? This vehicle is affordable and reliable, though it does require a medium rigid licence.

Isuzu 3 Tonne Pantec

When the ute or four-wheel-drive just won’t cut it, the Isuzu 3-tonne pantec is the ideal option. With power windows and power steering, a hydraulic lifter and fully functioning air conditioning, it’s got everything you need and more! Plus, of course, you can drive it with just a normal licence.

Contact us today for all your truck hire needs throughout Hendra

If you’re not sure which type of truck is right for your specific application, get in touch with us today. We’re the Hendra truck hire experts and we’d be more than happy to help you out with some expert advice.

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